There’s an (Eco) App for That?

In today’s app-dominated society, it’s hard not to find an app for everything from discount shopping to travel itineraries.  But a recent search on my smartphone yielded me some very interesting and helpful (maybe even overlooked) apps for eco-minded people like me. Bonus? Most are free!

Thrive Market- Organic Heathy Food Delivery – What’s better than food delivery? Not much. Especially when its healthy food being delivered to you. This app allows you to shop for organic food that caters to your specific diet and have it delivered to you  for half the price of grocery stores. Bonus? As if you need one. Thrive will sponsor a low-income family just for joining. (FREE)

Cruelty-Free- Contains a searchable listing of more than 300 U.S. and Canadian companies that offer cruelty-free cosmetic items, household objects and personal care items that are not tested on animals or made from animal parts. It was created through the “Leaping Bunny Program,” a label present on many makeup and skin care items. (FREE)

Green Footprint Calculator- What’s your carbon footprint? Now, you can measure just what your impact is to the environment through this app, which calculates it based on information you input like your electricity bill. The more trees that appear on-screen, the greener you are! It also helps save you money by offering suggestions to lower your thermostat. ($3.99)

CityBikes- With the struggling U.S. economy, it’s never been a better time to switch from four wheels to two. And many people are picking up on this, choosing to ride in major U.S. cities and around the world.  But if you don’t have a bike of your own, this app will show you where you can go in your city (and around the world) to grab one and ride! It supports more than 40 cities so far, including U.S. cities like Washington, D.C. and San Antonio and international cities like Buenos Aires and Milan. It allows you to filter stations by distance and bookmark favorite stations. (FREE)


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