The healthy truth about flax seeds: A Q&A with Darren Baker, Flax Seasonings

UPDATE: At the time this article was written, Flax Seasoning sold flax seed products. It is, however, no longer in operation. I hope that you can gain some insight into incorporating flax seed into your everyday diet.

What if I told you that there was a seed that can help lower cholesterol, prevent heart disease and breast cancer and even squash hot flashes? Would you believe it? Would you want to try it?  Flax seeds do all of the above and have even been described as having “magical” powers. But don’t just take my word for it. I sat down with Darren Baker, Founder/CEO of Flax Seasonings, to find out the real reasons why we should eat flax seeds, how you can get them, and their real-life magical properties. Magic beanstalk not included.

ECC: I’ve noticed on your web site that you offer a variety of sweet and non-sweet seasonings. What inspires you to make these different flavors?

DB: It’s always good to have choices – especially when you are flavoring your food.  Our goal is to combine our flax seeds with spices and herbs to create innovative seasoning blends that have a distinguishing flavor and healthy profile.  We wanted to keep it simple and focus on flavor profiles that are unique and highly desired.  So, we came up with three blends that can be used at all three meals.  We have two all-purpose blends, Sensational Seasoned Salt and the Amazing All Purpose Blend (No Salt), and one sweet blend, Mighty Maple Cinnamon.  Our Sensational Seasoned Salt has a smoky flavor along with a touch of sweet and spice.  Amazing All Purpose Blend (No Salt) has a spicy kick and is a great alternative for those looking for no sodium blends.  Mighty Maple Cinnamon is great whenever you want a sweet addition to any meal – it’s a creative twist on using conventional sweeteners.

Our products use all organic ingredients with no added fluff or preservatives.  We feel this is not only important for our health and the environment, but also in ensuring that our gourmet seasonings have the highest quality taste possible.

ECC: What is one interesting thing that most people don’t know about flax seeds (and not mentioned on your site)?

DB: Great question.  One thing I don’t mention on our Flax Seasoning website is the importance of using ground flax seeds when consuming them.  We use ground flax seeds in all of our blends.  There are a lot of products on the shelf that have flax seeds, but many of them use whole flax seeds.  Whole flax seeds, though they are more visually appealing, do not break down in your body when consumed.  It is recommended when consuming flax seeds, that you grind them up first because this allows flax seeds to be digested and its nutrients to be absorbed by the body.  Whole flax seeds do not get digested and you will not experience the health benefits of flax seed when consuming them whole.  So, I recommend when consuming whole flax seeds that you either grind them or chew them well.  I choose to grind them because that is the best way to ensure they are digested.  We use ground flax seeds in our Flax Seasoning blends to ensure that they are more easily digested. Plus, it blends unnoticeably with our spices and herbs.

ECC: What’s next for your company? Will you be launching any new flavors?

DB: Our next step is to continue to build awareness and expand into more retail outlets.  We actually have a recipe book that will be available on our website for download too.  Often we are asked, “How can I use this?” Or, “what can I put this on?”  Our recipe book will help answer those questions for our customers.  We’re also looking to expand into increasing our service through health conscious media (blogs, videos, articles, etc.).  I’m a proponent of health education and it’s important that Flax Seasoning continues to play a part in that.

Regarding new flavors, we are focused on expanding our current line at the moment, but we do have a few flavors awaiting release when the time is right.  The exact details on what those flavors are is a Flax Seasoning secret!  (Haha)  But, I can assure you that they will be unique, healthy, and tasty.

ECC: Can you find it on store shelves?

DB: Yes. Right now you can purchase Flax Seasoning at both Roots Market ( locations (Olney and Clarksville, MD), at Takoma Park Co-op, and Silver Spring Co-op.  You can also purchase it online through Pangea.  Not to forget that you can also purchase it through our Flax Seasoning website. We are focused on expanding into more natural/organic stores in the DC region so keep an eye out for us as we grow throughout the year.  And, if you would like to see Flax Seasoning in one of your local grocery stores please let us know!  Stores will buy what their customers ask for so reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or email and we’ll work together to make it happen.

ECC: You mention on the web site that you’ve been adding flax seeds to your meals since 2007. What is the biggest change/benefit you’ve seen in your own life?

DB: Adding flax seeds to my food and drink has added a nutritional power punch to all of my meals.  I’m a health nut and it’s important that I make the most of every food and drink that I choose to put in my body.  Flax seeds have helped me continue on that path and fulfill my goal of living a healthy lifestyle.  The seeds are also a key ingredient in my smoothie, which I drink faithfully every morning.  They help give me the added energy I need to make it through my busy and often challenging days.

Another important point regarding the biggest benefit I’ve seen.  Adding flax seeds to my meals has helped make me even more health conscious.  When you take the time and energy to focus on improving your nutrition, it starts to create a snowball effect.  For example, first you may start by adding some flax to your meals to improve your health, next thing you know you’re eating organic, and then you find yourself using that gym membership for a change!  That is why we have Health Conscious on our label.  We want to help inspire more people to become health conscious and live a healthy lifestyle.  This is a bit more philosophical but this is very important.  As a nation, we really need to make a paradigm shift when it comes to our health.  Flax Seasoning will help play a part in that by bringing healthier food to more kitchens.

ECC: How can we stay in touch with you and the Flax Seasoning brand?

DB: You can find us on Facebook and Twitter under Flax Seasoning.  Be sure to like and follow our page.  Of course, you can reach us through as well.

Thank you EmeraldCityChic for the opportunity to participate in this interview!

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2 thoughts on “The healthy truth about flax seeds: A Q&A with Darren Baker, Flax Seasonings

  1. FlaxSeasoning — I tried this product several months ago and love it!! My favorite is the Seasonal Seasoning blend I use that in all of my foods (meats, vegatables, eggs, etc). Then I really enjoyed the Mighty Maple Cinnamon blend in my oatmeal and on my french toast. To have seasoning taste good and also be good for you — that is a win, win situation. I have not tried the no-salt blend yet but will try in the near future and look forward to being able to download their cookbook. Best of luck in your new endeavor.

    Ms. D. B.-Crockett

  2. That’s my good buddy Darren Baker. This guy is the real deal when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Check him out now… he’s on his way to Millions! Continued success Darren and Flax.

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