4 essential items every health-minded traveler should pack

When it comes to luxury travel, nothing is more synonymous than the color green. Both the color of money and nature, it symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness and energy. Until recently, “green” or “eco-travel” meant roughing it in a rainforest with a camouflage backpack, plastic water bottle and a map of local hostels. The more recent “discovery” that eco-travel could be more than glamping (glamorous camping) has opened a new world of luxury travel and with a new view, comes new, luxury must-haves.

I scoured the booths at the 2016 Green Festival in Washington, D.C. to find four essential travel items every fancy traveler should carry on their next trip. After all, there’s no need to sacrifice luxury for wholesome, organic products.

Bamboo Travel Pillow

If you’re like me, you struggle with finding a comfortable seating position on a plane. This ultra comfy neck pillow contains memory foam to conform to your perfect angle. It’s made from bamboo, a renewable plant, so it’s also good for the environment and the perfect size for a carry on. (www.hotelcomfort.com)

Shea Salone body butter 

Source: Shea Salone

Made using only three ingredients: organic raw shea butter, cacao butter and coconut oil, this super luxurious moisturizing butter quenches your skin without added chemicals. Perfect for long travel days when you need an extra boost of moisture. It also works well as a lip balm. (www.sheasalone.com)

Source: honeydewnaturals.com

Chill Stick 

This miniature glass tube packs an overpowering scent of peppermint with rosemary, coconut and lavender and comes with a convenient rollerball. Use it to combat stress or to calm a headache. (www.honeydewnaturals.com)

Mother Earth Bath Tea

Just a spoonful of Mother Earth Bath Tea in your tub and you’re instantly transported to a more calm, more relaxed, you. Multicolored bath confetti is infused with natural herbs and crystals that soak away any stress from traveling.

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